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Composite Bonding / Veneers

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Composite Bonding / Veneers

Composite bonding is quite a modern way to restore teeth, either for cosmetic reasons, or to build up tooth structure that has been lost. It involves bonding a tooth coloured resin material to existing teeth to reshape them or improve their colour. It is a very conservative type of treatment as it is not destructive to the tooth tissue.

Here at Smile Chic, we bond on very strongly the resin material, polish it up, and this will last for many years. Composite bonding is appropriate for pretty much every patient.

Any little imperfection can be improved with composite bonding. Large gaps between teeth and badly broken down teeth can be built up again with this very conservative treatment.

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Composite Bonding / Veneers Treatment

We will talk about the full range of possible treatments, whether it be orthodontics, veneers or the dental bonding. We often offer bonding in conjunction with tooth whitening. This is especially popular after braces and also with wedding parties to improve their teeth before the big day. We usually recommend that you whiten your teeth first as it helps to see the final colour of your teeth before we add the bonding.

We can then use a perfectly matched colour of composite to improve the tooth’s appearance.


The only people that we generally don’t recommend bonding to are heavy smokers. This is because smoking can stain up the bonding over time. We are always happy to treat smokers and will happily discuss smoking cessation programmes with them but for those who want to continue smoking we usually recommend veneers instead of bonding. These stain less. This does not apply to vaping. People who vape can have bonding done without any problem.

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Keep tooth structure intact 

Composite bonding is particularly great because we don’t remove any tooth structure. To bond, we add directly onto the tooth. The restoration will last 5-6 years before it needs to be polished up or repaired in some way.


After Orthodontic 

Often when the teeth are misaligned, they can get a lot of wear and chipping especially on the front teeth. This can be very noticeable when the teeth have been straightened. We can then build up the teeth after the braces have been removed with bonding. This results in straight and properly shaped teeth and the results can be dramatic.

Damaged & Discoloured Teeth

We can also provide composite bonding to damaged and discoloured teeth especially teeth with white marks on the front.

By removing a little of the blemish from the front of the tooth we can restore the tooth or teeth and make them look pretty much perfect again.

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Why Consider Composite Bonding?

What defects can composite bonding repair?
  • Chips
  • Discolouration
  • Spacing irregularities
Are there any drawbacks with composite bonding??

Composite tooth coloured filling material, like any other dental material will deteriorate with time. As a result, it normally isn’t as long lasting as some other restoration techniques such as veneers or crowns. However, with good personal care and maintenance they can maintain their appearance for years.

Composite Bonding or Porcelain Veneers?

Composite bonding is a single session treatment option which is great to correct smaller imperfections, chips, cracks and minor spacing between the teeth.

Veneers on the other hand are lab made ultra thin sheets of ceramic material which are shaped to fit onto the teeth. They usually require some removal of natural tooth structure to create enough space for the veneer to attach to the tooth. They are normally recommended for larger imperfections of the teeth and as they are lab made, are more costly than composite bonding.

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