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Dear Patients, 

It‘s obviously been a challenging and quite worrying time for everyone in our community. We hope you and your loved ones are safe and well and continue to remain so. The safety and well-being of our patients is the reason for providing you with this information.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, dental surgeries operated to the highest levels of infection control and decontamination and, like any medical profession, we are used to working in an environment where there is the potential for exposure to viruses and bacteria. We do everything posisble to reduce the risk to our team and to our patients. And we do it well!

So, when you come back to see us we want you to have every confidence and more that we will do everything possible to make your visit as safe and comfortable as possible. This page is designed to explain what we do already and highlight some of the things that are new or different so when you arrive for you next appointment with us, you do so with confidence.

We look forward to seeing you,

here at Smile Chic

What we routinely do everyday… 


Before our first patient of the day, the treatment room is aired properly and all surfaces are disinfected. All waterlines are flushed to remove the water that has been left overnight.


Before and after each patient exam or procedure, we clean and disinfect all surfaces, buttons and handles using disinfecting sprays or wipes. Suction hoses are cleaned and disinfected and all waterlines are flushed through after every patient, for a minimum of 20 seconds.

For every patient appointment completely clean, disinfected or, if neccessary sterilised instruments are used for the treatment. After the completion of the treatment, reusable instruments are removed to a dedicated reprocessing area to be cleaned, disinfected or sterilised.


All removable components of the dental chair are detached and disinfected or sterilised, while surfaces are disinfected using specifically approved disinfecting liquids.

When the last appointment of the day is completed, all waterlines are once more flushed through, ready for the start of another day!

…and some new things you might see and experience moving forward.

In line with Government and public health body guidance, dental practices across the country will implement a variety of new measures to protect staff and patients. Our aim is to continue effectively managing all stages of your treatment in a way that reduces the risk of primary transmission of virus or bacteria between people (via respiratory droplets or direct contact) or indirect contact with surfaces.

This may lead to an increase in single-visit dentistry, where multiple procedures are carried out in one appointment, to limit the number of visits you need to make to the dental practice. We may choose to adopt some or all of the initiatives, depending on the latest medical and regulatory advice.

Before You Arrive

  • Please ONLY visit if our team have contacted you and you have a confirmed appointment.

  • We may ask you to complete a health questionnaire in advance to ensure you are not symptomatic and it is safe to attend.

  • We may even ask you to join an on-line or video call with your dentist to better understand your current health and immediate needs.

  • For some urgent treatments, we may refer you to a local Urgent Dental Care centre.

  • Please be prepared to use online payment for your treatment to minimise surface contact & congestion in the reception area.

  • Where possible, please use the bathroom before attending the practice.

— When You Arrive

  • We may not be able to accommodate patients in our reception area or waiting room due to social distancing rules, and may ask you to wait in your car or in the car park.
  • Under certain circumstances, we may perform a limited health examination / temperature check prior to entering.
  • Waiting times may be a little longer than usual to allow for extra cleaning time prior to you starting your treatment.
  • We will provide hand sanitisers on entry and may ask you to wear a medical grade mask or other PPE during your time in practice.

During Treatment

  • Our team will adopt enhanced levels of PPE, including masks (Type II/IIR) or respirators (FFP2/3), which may include a visor or other eye protection.
  • Please don‘t be offended if we ask that anyone accompanying you remains outside the room or even the building.
  • You may be asked to rinse your mouth prior to commencement of your treatment.
  • We may place a rubber sheet in your mouth to reduce saliva and spray debris. Please advise us of any latex allergy.

— When You Leave

  • Hand sanitiser will be available and to minimise unnecessary contact we may book your next appointment in the treatment room and e-mail you receipts and confirmation rather than hand over paper.
  • Before you leave the practice, you will dispose of your PPE at the door.
  • If you have any questions after the appointment, we will be able to call you to discuss this further as our aim is to minimise your time in the practice, for own safety.

Doing Our Best to Avoid Transmission

We are sure you‘ve seen lots of information and news items on the many ways in which individuals may be exposed to potential infection. That is why it is absolutely essential for us all to comply with infection control guidelines to minimise the risks for you and our team. Here are just some of the common sense, best-practice initiatives that we have in place.

Particular attention is paid to the following areas

Door handles, switches and items of furniture are disinfected regularly

Social distancing rules apply – in waiting rooms and reception

We‘re sorry, but it‘s a cheery hello instead of a warm handshake for the time being

Instruments are disinfected regularly and we have a dedicated room where this takes place

Surfaces, buttons, handles and the chair you sit in are carefully cleaned before and after each patient visit

Even when you‘re in the dental chair, we will try & limit physical contact & use alternatives for `follow-up paperwork

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