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Enhance your Smile Chic private dental treatment with Denplan, the UK’s leading dental plan payment system.

Smile Chic already offers exceptional value for money, but with the introduction of Denplan, we’re taking our commitment to you, our patients, one step further.

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    What is Denplan?

    Denplan is the UK’s leading dental payment plan, which allows you to pay a low monthly fee to cover a variety of dental treatments that might otherwise prove to be a costly outlay all in one go. As Denplan-certified dentists, we commit to improving quality so you can be sure that the level of service and cover that it provides is unparalleled.

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    What treatments are included with Denplan?

    The Denplan cover is relied upon by over 1.4 million people all across the UK and covers a variety of routine dental treatments and restorative treatments. This includes everything from basic oral hygiene check-ups, to advice on what you can do to prevent major dental issues, to root canals, braces, and crowns.

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    What does Denplan cover include?

    Smile Chic offers the full range of treatments that Denplan covers, including:

    • 2 Routine dental checkups per year
    • 2 hygiene airflow polishing cleans per year
    • 2 x-rays per year
    • 10% discount on all cosmetic treatments

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    How does Denplan work?

    It couldn’t be simpler. You pay a fixed monthly fee that covers you for a variety of treatments. Once you have any treatment done, you pay for it as normal and then submit your receipt to Denplan online or by post within 60 days. Once the claim has been received, you can track its progress online and you should have the money back in your bank within 5 days.

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    Is Denplan good value?

    Denplan is great value for money because it helps you to plan for your oral hygiene and treatment in advance. There are no unexpected bills – just one regular monthly payment that takes care of all your check-ups and treatments and once you’re signed up, you can start claiming for treatment straight away. UK customers with dental emergencies have access to a 24-hour helpline, seven days a week, and you even have access to dentists abroad. It couldn’t be simpler.

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    Is Denplan worth the money for UK private patients?

    Absolutely! Choose Smile Chic as your preferred Denplan dentist and you can even enjoy 10% off all treatments at the clinic. Individual Denplan customers also get two check-ups and two airflow cleans when they choose Smile Chic to perform their oral hygiene treatment.

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    Is Denplan worth the money?

    Many businesses are now choosing to include Simply Health cover as part of the overall well-being package for their employees. Denplan is a trusted partner of SimplyHealth, which means that you can add it to your existing rewards program. This can help keep your level of productivity high as your employees will not need to take time off with niggling dental issues – cover is in place for them to sort it out immediately without them having to worry about the costs.

    Denplan questions?

    Have any questions about what treatments are and aren’t covered by Denplan? Are you unsure what the benefits are for either you and your family or as a perk for your employees? Do you want to talk to us about how much it would cost you to add Denplan to your existing plan with us? Then get in touch and we’ll be happy to explain the different levels of cover and which package would be best for you.

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