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Smile Chic Aesthetic Treatments

Did you know that, in addition to offering numerous amazing dental treatments, Smile Chic offer a wide range of aesthetic treatments too? From Botox to Profhilo, neck lifts to lip fillers, and dermal fillers to anti-wrinkle treatments, Smile Chic can enhance, lift, and tighten to help you maintain a more youthful, energetic and glowing look.

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    Facial Aesthetic Treatments

    We’ve already changed thousands of people’s aesthetics for the better with our incredible dental treatments, but there are many different aesthetic reasons why you might want to enhance an aspect of your facial features; too much sun exposure, acne, sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles – and we can help you to retain your natural beauty.

    Perhaps you’ve had aesthetic treatments in the past and would like to continue with them, or maybe you’re thinking of trying a facial aesthetic treatment to really show off and compliment your new teeth! If so, then we’d love to see you at the clinic. We’ll perform a skin assessment to ensure you’re suitable for the treatment you’d like to have done and go from there. You’ll see that our patient care is second to none.

    Here is a list of a few of our most popular aesthetic treatments.

    Enhance your Aesthetics with Smile Chic

    Female and Male Botox Treatments

    Botox has been popular for a number of years because of its instant revitalising properties. Widely renowned as the anti-ageing treatment to have, botox makes the skin appear natural, smooth, younger, and healthier.

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    Bunny Nose

    Do you get little wrinkles at the top of your nose when you laugh or break out in a huge smile? You have a bunny nose! To smooth out those crinkles and look younger.

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    Lip Flip

    A lip flip treatment is probably the most instant and dramatic change that you can make to your appearance. Your lips will look fuller after just 2 days and the effect can last as long as 5 months. To get more information about our lip flip treatment get in touch with the clinic directly.

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    Gummy Smile

    Do you feel like you show off too much of your gums when you smile? Just one botox treatment from us will stop this from happening for up to 5 months. Click here to understand what is involved with this popular facial aesthetics treatment.

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    Jawline Slimming

    One of the most notable signs of ageing is around the jawline where the skin tends to sag. After having this treatment, your jawline will appear slimmer and more toned almost immediately.

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    Nefertiti Neck Lift

    Named after the Egyptian Queen who was famed for her beauty and long neck, the Nefertiti neck lift treatment enhances the look of the neckline by reducing wrinkles and tightening the jawline.

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    If you find that excessive sweating is becoming an embarrassment that you are no longer willing to live with, then our hyperhidrosis treatment is the one for you.

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    Profhilo is an award-winning product that involves injecting hyaluronic acid gel into the skin, which stimulates the dermal cells and restores natural skin elasticity. It can be used to reinvigorate the face, neck, cheeks, nose, jawline, under eye, mouth, and lips. Click here to learn more about this revolutionary aesthetic-enhancing product.

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